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Anonymous asked: would it be intelligent to start therapy if you cut often and barely sleep?

Maja- I’m quite similar and while my counsellor gets quite upset with me sometimes as I show up to counselling really exhausted etc etc therapy is still highly recommended! There’s an actually psychology phrase about this but I forget what it’s called. But please give it a go x

Anonymous asked: I am convinced that i suffer from depression, anxiety and i think i may be developing an ED. But i have no idea, i have been considering suicide intently for the past few days and it seems like the only way out. But I want to know if i am right. i am scared to ask to be diagnosed! i dont know how to ask. I have a school counseller and she knows im suicidal but i dont know if im everything else or if this is just a year and a half long phase D:

Emily - It isn’t the right thing to do! Please don’t commit suicide. But a highly doubt this is a phase lovely. Go see your school counsellor & talk to her. But I don’t think she’s able to diagnose you. Please hang in there.

Anonymous asked: Have you and Emily ever hooked up? Or hooked up with someone of the same gender? Drunk or sober.

Emily - No we have not hooked up hahahaha & I have not hooked up with someone of the same sex 

Maja - Brief pash with a mate of mine while at a party drunk yolo 

hello-my-name-is-jayde asked: Okay. Im confused. How many people run and/or are a part of this blog? And what are their individual tumblrs so I can follow them? Please & thank you. This blog is rad. Have a grwat day everyone :D

Maja- This is just my blog / my platform for ranting and helping people. The only other time there are others on this blog is when either Emily or Jordyn (my closest friends) are over and they just help me answer stuff because i can find it quite overwhelming sometimes………………………….

Anonymous asked: Maja and Emily; you're both two of the most beautiful girls I follow on tumblr and I adore you both so much💕x

You’re actually so sweet, thank you x

Anonymous asked: Thankyou, yous have the best advice xx :) i appreciate it!

Thank youuuu

Anonymous asked: my sheets are a mess, theres blood everywhere i dont know what to do

Emily - idk man call a helpline or an ambulance & look after yourself

Anonymous asked: hey maja :) I'm really sorry that you are going through a hard time with people that are in your life but I just wanted to say you are truly an inspiration to me and I love you for just always fighting and not giving up because that really shows what type of person you are, and it is great that you can have someone like emily there to help you and stick by your side when these thing happen to you. I hope things sort themselves out for you soon because you are truly wonderful and amazing, love u

Oh wow, you don’t understand how much i needed to hear this nor how much i appreciate it. Thank you so so so much <3

Anonymous asked: My best guy friend said he feels himself slipping back to depression and he said that small things are hurting him. And i really dont want him to feel like that. He said mainly because his dad always criticize him in everything he does. And his dad just gets mad at him for little things because hes not extroverted like his dad. What can i do to make him feel better... Please help me :(

Emily - Just be there, honestly. It’s the best thing that you can do for him. If you can maybe get him to see a counsellor aswell?

Anonymous asked: I'm going to kill myself tomorrow

Emily - ok like I know you probably just felt like you needed to tell someone, but no how about you fucking don’t kill yourself tomorrow because you have so much to live for, & I know you probably think you don’t but you do! but seriously, why do people always send Maja these messages? it actually upsets her so much & it isn’t fair.