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Anonymous said: 1. Youre actually beautiful like alot 2. nice shirt love that band 3. i know school is hard and life is hard but i promise youll make it through if you try 4. i can tell from your blog youre a great person especially including the help links, stay strong <3

thanks, lovely <3




sad blog for sad teens

Anonymous said: I'm depressed almost all the time and I enjoy it. Kind of don't understand, so I'd like an explanation - if you're unhappy about being unhappy, why do you wear black color and share angsty things? Like, I think if'd make you more happy if you looked at the side that's shining. If it blinds you, come back and enjoy it. Well, I know that if this message angers you, you'll hate me and that means you're just not honest to yourself. But this is not ment to anger you. Just a reminder.

it’s an illness, honestly. It doesn’t dictate what i wear or what i say (or what you do). I wear black because i like wearing black. I like the punk-ish look. Everyone is entitled to their own style. If i freaking started wearing unicorn sweaters or colourful socks, it wouldn’t take my depression or other illnesses away. DEPRESSION TAKES AWAY ONE’S ABILITY TO ‘look at the bright side’. I know you mean well, but duuuuude, seriously. Ignorance annoys me so much. 

Anonymous said: My therapist said that my eating disorder could be the cause for my depression. Does that mean that if I am fully recovered from the ed that the depression will go away?

Not necessarily, because although one thing may have started the other (much like mine did), once both develop, they’re essentially their own illnesses. However, i’m not a doctor. And it depends if the disorder was merely the last straw to start your depression (meaning there were many other factors) or not. 

Anonymous said: Sometimes I wish I could save you

There are 3 people on this entire planet that can basically save me. Two of which have left. The other person is essentially the only reason i’m still here (not going to say who they are because it’s super fucking lame). Other than that, nobody can save me. I’ve seen so many professionals and honestly, nobody knows what to do with me anymore :(

Anonymous said: Your hair is so fucking awesome and I'm so jealous

thank you <3

Anonymous said: I'm anorexic, and I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I'm about to go into medical care, but I'm scared.

You can do this, hun. It’s normal to be scared but you deserve the help.

Anonymous said: Try to relive these past days in your mind.. like remember them and remember how happy you were in these moments. Idk if this will help you but I do it sometimes when everything's just crashing down <3

I’m trying :( ily though