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Anonymous said: How many submissions do you get? Daily?

Submissions? Idk, like 0

Anonymous said: When you got your tattoo how obvious were your scars?

Um, i’m not sure. I guess enough for the tattooist to look at my wrist, then moved my shirt up to reveal the rest of my scars, then looked at my other arm.

Anonymous said: You're so fucking beautiful, bye.

You are, hun <3

Anonymous said: (Anon on holiday) I can't call someone, I rarely have service, and I can't tell anyone because it's just my mum and the first time she found out I cut she shouted at me. I'm stuck and I don't want to go out and face people. I want to stay here and cry. But I can't do that. It hurts. My mum doesn't even realise what's going on. She's selfish. I hate her sometimes.

I’m sure if you tried to confront your mum softly, just told her you were having a hard time, she might be understanding and can keep an eye on you. Otherwise, just keep holding on, no matter what happens. I know that you feel like regardless of where you are, the demons follow you and you feel like poop, but just keep fighting them and one day you’ll be able to weaken them so much that they’ll disappear. Make sure you’re at least getting help, sweetie.


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Anonymous said: I know it sucks now but things will get better, especially when you're out of the house.. Keep staying strong! xoxoxo

i love you xx

Anonymous said: Ive been feeling lost lately and i dont know what to do anymore.. I miss my ex so much and theres just been so much going on. But hes literally trapped in a relationship he feels is impossible to get out of. I want to help him but i dont know how..

Tough situation :( I guess just try to be a good friend to him. Make him see that you care about him, and let time fix this x

Anonymous said: What is wrong with humanity or rather what is wrong with society?

I’m not even sure :\

Anonymous said: I'm on holiday and I feel so fucking shit. I want to cry and cut and scream and do nothing. And I have 6 more days of this. Help me.

Please dont harm your beautiful body, ok? 6 more days isnt long, you can totally do this. I have absolute faith in you, lovely. Keep fighting and if you’re struggling please please tell someone or call a helpline.

Anonymous said: They probably only do it because they care about you. They went about it the complete wrong way though you have a right to privacy and they disregarded that. I hope youll be okay

Thank you. You’d think that family therapy helps them but no they prefer to stick with their ignorance and stubbornness. I’m so sick of everything. Thank you for this though x

Anonymous said: Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, seriously what your family did is so inappropriate. They probably were trying to help You in their own way. But wow.

Again, thanks for the validation x