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Anonymous said: You nailed the bogan. I don't want to stereotype and they're not all like this but the majority of them make me shudder like I can see them grabbing me or making lewd comments (comes from personal experiences) because they seem to lack respect and social norms ect. But as long as you have some personal hygiene and you're not a total wanker then you're fine.

Yeah, basically.

Anonymous said: How's your Relationship with Jordan going? Have you seen her lately?

Fine x

Anonymous said: Hey ive been severly depressed for years & i want to try anti depressants but a. I dont want to tell my parents & b. i dont want to go in to counselling. What should i do?

Counselling could be really helpful, hun. Please give it a go. Your parents are bound to find out about your depression and stuff eventually, hun, it’s not something that’s easy to hide. Try sitting them down and explaining what’s going on and see if one of them could take you to a doctor. It can be difficult but it can be worth it.


My ask is open, let me help you.

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Anonymous said: At what point is it acceptable to be embarrassed about still being a virgin?

Whether you’re 18 or 80, it shouldn’t matter. It’s a personal choice and i think as long as you’re okay with it then fuck what anyone else thinks.