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I don’t even fucking want to go to counselling today. 
I’m so tired and i’m hurting everywhere cos of caffeine (my fault), and what’s worse is that today will my first session back with my old psych that i saw a few times before i quit. My counsellor is going to be there (joint session, updating psych) but i absolutely hate that she’s making me see her again. I get that my counsellor isn’t as trained and isn’t properly familiar with Borderline PD / DBT but i’m so terrified. Nothing’s going to come of it, i guarantee it. I can barely breathe bcos of anxiety….

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Anonymous asked: sorry if this is too personal but do you still get your period with your ed? if not how long before you stopped getting it? just wondering because i still get mine regularly.

Darling, most people with EDs do get their periods- usually they stop when you become malnourished / underweight. But it depends for everyone- for me, yes i still get mine however i only just started getting them again as they stopped for a few months when my ED was at it’s worst.


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Anonymous asked: I have liked this guy for 2 years and we have been texting nonstop since like January. even tho my friends think he likes me just by reading the texts, he recently started dating a girl and it makes me feel really unsure if he likes me now.. (c)

”..(C)he lives like 2 hours away so we havent seen each other since like last summer. Im just afraid to tell him how I feel for 3 different reasons,what if he doesn’t actually like me back, what if it doesn’t work Bc distance, Im afraid of relationships..”

Maybe you should just remain friends and build a relationship through that, if you get too afraid or something, you can just try to fall back to being friends. I’m not sure, sorry.


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Anonymous asked: I'm friends with a senior that I met through a friend and I'm a junior and when I first met him he was saying how he can only get junior girls and he's upset over that and I said that's not true you're really cute and everything and I kinda like him and it's so easy to talk to him and sometimes I just think who am I kidding? who would ever like me. I don't know what to do. do I just give up with him?

it’s up to you, sweetie; if you feel as though it’s best then go for it however if things don’t work out, it’s not your fault, there’s someone better waiting for you out there x

frontlinebreakthrough asked: people, a lot of them, live their lives close to the edge of almost everything dark and lost in this world. especially the people who message you. does it ever... are you ever scared that youre answer isnt good enough. that person is drowning 6 feet under, and. does it ever ...

this doesn’t really make any sense but please don’t bring up this pressure. Hopefully people understand that i’m a 17 year old girl struggling like crazy myself. If people are honestly having a hard time, there are better people to go to- people who are actually trained like doctors or psychologists. I try my hardest, considering the circumstances, and if people can’t see that then they can leave.